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How to remove seed warts

Seeds warts are unsightly in addition to being a discomfort and painful. Warts are skin growths that are extremely stubborn and are usually caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). Seed warts usually have black spots. Due to the seed warts stubbornness many people look for ways on how to remove seed warts. There are some natural and synthetic treatments that one can use to remove seed warts. The following are some of the treatment methods.

The first method is prevention, which is always better that treatment. Seed warts usually appear on fingers, feet and hands. The HPV usually infects hands, feet and fingers that have broken or cut skin. Additionally, this virus is easily transmitted through sharing clothes, towels, toys, shoes, also in public areas like shower rooms and swimming pools. Therefore, it would be wise to be very hygienic and take measures to reduce the risk of infection. This is because people have a notion that seed warts are indicative of poor hygiene.

The second method of treatment is using synthetic or over the counter medications. There is a wide selection of drugs in the market that one can use but a few are effective. Some of the treatment methods include use of salicylic acid on the affected area. This method works for a few people but it is usually irritating and painful to the surrounding tissue.

The next method is a  synthetic one that is used called cryotherapy. This treatment method uses liquid nitrogen on the seed wart. This causes the seed wart to fall off. The only set back that comes with this treatment is the reoccurrence of more warts or the seed warts grow back with greater intense.

The  method after that is considered as immunotherapy. This involves taking supplements that trigger the immune system hence boosting ones immune system. This has been proven to be effective especially when combined with other treatment methods. The other treatment is laser therapy, which subjects the seed warts to laser treatment, which removes it. This treatment is done in a dermatologist’s office and is quite expensive.

The last treatment methods we’ll cover are all of  the natural ones. These natural ways include use of coriander poultice, sour apples extract, onions on the warts. This is should be done for like three weeks on a daily basis. The seed warts will thin and go away. In the case where the seed warts are bleeding it is advisable to use cumin seeds poultice. This will stop the bleeding and remove the warts after some time.

The latest natural ways are using potassium as an everyday supplement. You can use potassium supplements or drink apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. Additionally, you can use potatoes to eliminate the seed warts. This requires you to use the inside of a potato peel on the affected area. If this is practiced for a couple of days the warts will be long gone.

All these methods will answer your query on how to remove seed warts. However, you should use these methods in consultation with your dermatologist. This will ensure that you do not make the situation worse that it is.

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